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Bi-Focal Vision

Save for the lucky, around the age of 40, the human eye begins to develop Presbyopia. This condition is part of aging, some might say an annoying part, but nonetheless the condition causes the eye to have difficulty focusing on nearby objects. If the person also has an issue focusing on far away objects, the addition of Presbyopia typically results in corrective lenses that function to assist with long-distance vision, as well as nearby vision. These glasses (or contacts) are referred to as bifocals.

From a leadership standpoint, bifocal vision is an absolute must-have. The ability to detach, scan the horizon, review the strategy, and analyze the long-term goals is critical. However, many leaders suffer leadership Presbyopia, an inability to review the elements that are near-by, effectively disabling their options as it relates to issues that need immediate attention. There are also leaders that suffer the reverse, they are predominantly in the weeds, rarely viewing the horizon. If you are in a leadership position, you must have bifocal vision, the great thing is that corrective lenses, or glasses are not needed, but simply a willingness to focus on the far and the near, in a consistent, and repeatable fashion. 


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