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Skeptic or Seeker?

An exercise that leaders should undertake is the examination of how they process information, and seek new ideas, effectively answering the question, am I a Skeptic or Seeker?

Q: What is a skeptic?

A skeptic is distrustful of external information and vets it carefully. They believe there is a great deal of misinformation and are careful to avoid it. They’re aware that people often bend the truth, and so they take what they read and hear with a pinch of salt.

Q: What is a seeker?

A seeker values new perspectives that contradict their own. They think many different world views have something valuable to offer. They enjoy having their assumptions challenged and listening to novel ideas.

Being one or the other has it drawbacks, so the leadership challenge is to seek without being valueless, and to be a skeptic without cynicism, or in other words, become a Skeptical Seeker. (

– RdM

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