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The power of hope

ChatGPT was asked by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, “what do the advances of artificial intelligence mean for the human condition?” ChatGPT responded, “[it will] change the way people view their own abilities and skills and alter their sense of self….impact people’s sense of identity and purpose… [and]change the way people form …

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“Hello, my name is PAT.”

Transparency is one of the most powerful tools that a leader can employ to develop ownership thinking within an organization. To one degree or another, all adults are accustomed to a certain type of customer-facing transparency embedded into their everyday lives. For instance, 97% of adults in the United States own a cellphone (Pew Research, …

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Power and Influence

Whether through innate recognition, or formal introduction, all leaders are familiar with the *Five Bases of Power (*John French; Bertram Raven, 1959): Coercive – The power to take Reward – The power to give Expert – The power of knowledge Legitimate – The power bestowed Referent – The power granted by others Successful leaders understand the base(s) from which they …

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