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The Resilience of a Rhino: Stop Taking Things Personally

What If we had skin as thick as rhinoceros armor? Think about how much easier our days would be! However, the lotion commitment alone would be too time-consuming ๐Ÿ˜Š . So, we are better served by taking things personally. Understanding that most situations aren’t about us and acknowledging that we’re not the center of the universe is crucial in reaping the benefits of a thicker skin.

Another suggestion (all credit to Marcus Aurelius) would be to start the day by acknowledging that you will encounter the annoying, the ungrateful, and the arrogant. Then, perform a โ€˜full stopโ€™ and allow yourself the time to recognize that we share these exact traits to some extent or at one time or another. Once we concede this fact, we can be open to cooperation, embrace the aggravating, thankless, and egotistical, and reject conflict!

Of course, implementation is the challenge. It involves a conscious effort to shift the focus away from ourselves and acknowledge our shared humanity, whether in the hustle of daily life or during personal interactions. And, despite two-inch thick skin, rhinos need skincare, too (they get sunburned). We can also seek ‘skin care’ support in our journey toward emotional resilience, understanding, and cooperation in our interactions.

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