Author: Richard Morehouse - Joshua Tree Leadership

Richard Morehouse

Power and Influence

Whether through innate recognition, or formal introduction, all leaders are familiar with the *Five Bases of Power (*John French; Bertram Raven, 1959): Coercive – The power to take Reward – The power to give Expert – The power of knowledge Legitimate – The power bestowed Referent – The power granted by others Successful leaders understand the base(s) from which they

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​Of pins, and promise

A debt of gratitude to all Veteran’s, and their families. Salute. Yet another staggering, bleary-eyed, diaper change. The alarm level cry petered, grounded out to mere sputters, the point where his tiny lungs were nearly depleted of oxygen. His newborn son silent from a much too long inhale, now loosed a high-pitched wail, like an

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